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Iolanda Romano


PhD in public policies for the territory, graduated in Architecture, she is an Architect and an expert in participatory communication and public conflict mediation. She is the founder of Avventura Urbana, leading Italian enterprise in participatory planning and public conflict mediation, which she directed from 1992 until January 2016, and of which she is still a member.

Andrea Pillon


Andrea Pillon has been a member of Avventura Urbana since 1999. He is an expert in the analysis and facilitation of inclusive decision-making processes, and he is specialized in the mediation of environmental conflicts, and in the strategic planning and the elaboration of local development projects.

Maddalena Rossi


PhD in Urban & Regional Planning, Maddalena Rossi is an expert in interactive planning and design and conflict mediation. She has worked for Avventura Urbana since 2008, and she coordinates the Tuscan headquarters of the company.

Alberto Cena


He is the President of the Board of Directors of Avventura Urbana. He graduated in “Scienze del Governo” (Governmental Studies) at the University of Turin, and he is an expert in conducting listening and investigation activities on the territory, and organizing deliberative events.

Alessandro Talarico


Asa senior expert in communication, he realized information and public communication campaigns, websites and social media campaigns for several clients in the public and private sector: Torino Film Festival, Cinema Ambiente, Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT), Infrato (Infrastrutture per la mobilità) and others. He is a professional photographer and graphic designer too, and he collaborates with Avventura Urbana also for the realization of technical publications and the production of communication tools for a wide audience..

Luca Ferracuti


He graduated in “Scienze politiche e relazioni internazionali” (Political Science and International Relations) at Urbino University, and he has worked with Avventura Urbana for the organization of participatory and public engagement events, like the electronic Town Meeting “Food and Wine Tourism” in Turin and the Neighborhood Plan of Milan. During his academic research, he focused on Débat Public, and he participated as an auditor to the Débat Public for the re-opening of Navigli canals in Milan. He is employed in the company as an administrative secretary.

Margherita Ricci


During her studies, Margherita Ricci combined social and political sciences with communication studies. Her first professional experiences were in the area of cultural events and initiatives of public interest both in Italy and abroad, where she was in charge of organizational and communication activities. She has collaborated with Avventura Urbana since 2018, focusing on public communication and facilitation.

Chiara Chiari


She graduated in urban planning, and she has been working with Avventura Urbana since 2019, providing assistance on technical and organizational matters, communication and graphic rendering of participatory processes on the Tuscan territory. During 2020 she has been consolidating her education through the Master PROPART in “Partecipazione interattiva e partecipata” (Interactive and Participatory Participation) offered by the IUAV University of Venice.

Antonella Granatiero


She graduated in urban planning, focusing on the analysis of cooperative and regional governance dynamics in the Tuscan territory. She is interested in the study of urban policies, and she collaborated simultaneously with the University of Florence for the technical and organizational coordination of participatory processes for the planning and design of cities and territories. She started collaborating with Avventura Urbana in 2016, where she works as a consultant in the areas of urban regeneration and sustainable mobility.

Marina Visciano


She is an Urban Planner, and she started her professional experience in the area of urban planning, while conducting research and didactic assistance at the School of Architecture of the University of Florence, where she is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. She has collaborated with Avventura Urbana since 2017, as a consultant in the areas of urban regeneration, sustainable mobility and public consultation on big public works.

Francesca Fazio


Francesca Fazio graduated in International Relations and consolidated her education with a Master in “Theory and Practice of Human Rights” at the University of Essex (UK). She has always been active in voluntary projects both in Italy and abroad, and she managed European projects dedicated to non-formal and intercultural education and active participation. She has collaborated with Avventura Urbana since 2018, where she works on projects focused on social inclusion, smart regeneration and sustainable development of the territory.

Giovanni Esposito


Giovanni Esposito studied social and political science between Bologna and Turin. He worked in Rome for Vision & Value Srl in the area of smart specialization strategies and the assessment of regional innovation policies. With the think tank Vision, he also contributed to research and analysis activities in the area of urban regeneration and smart cities. Back in Turin, he started collaborating with Avventura Urbana in 2019, where he works on inclusive processes, conflict mediation and strategic planning.

Giulia Fiorentini


PhD in urban planning. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Florence, she graduated in urban planning with a dissertation on the Biological District of Fiesole, which was at the center of a virtuous interlacement between participation and urban planning. As a subject expert, she collaborated to the “Urban and Regional Planning Laboratory”, offered by the 5-year Combined Degree in Architecture of the University of Florence. She has worked for Avventura Urbana since 2018, realizing facilitation activities in the context of participatory processes in the Tuscan territory.

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