Adriaclim: participation on climate change

A partnership for new climate monitoring models in the Adriatic

The European ADRIACLIM project involved 18 Croatian and Italian partners, including the Municipality of Venice, to address the issue of climate change in the Adriatic area. It aimed to create new models for observing and monitoring weather conditions in the Adriatic-Ionian coastal areas and to develop effective climate adaptation plans.

As part of the project, the Municipality of Venice has launched a public information process to involve the interested parties in understanding the main risks and challenges linked to climate change, which must be addressed to reduce the impact on both city, citizens and the territory.

Aventura Urbana supported the Municipality of Venice through this process with listening activities and participatory events that involved the main local stakeholders committed to the topic. What emerged during the process guided the development of the Lines of Action for adaptation to climate change envisaged by the Venice Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate, in view of its approval.