CAPFLO project: local resilience capacity building for flood mitigation

European civil protection and humanitarian aid operations in the Trebbia basin

In 2017, Avventura Urbana was involved in the CAPFLO Project – Local resilience capacity building for flood mitigation, funded by the European Commission – DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.

The company designed and implemented a participatory process aimed at involving the institutions and local population of the municipalities of Rivergaro and Rottofreno, to encourage and develop resilience capacity building among local communities in mitigating and managing flood risk. The aim was to enlist and train their own resources to respond effectively to any natural disasters, and to empower the community as protagonists in their own safety.

The process was implemented through focus groups with professionals from the sector and participatory walks along the river which were open to the public.

Find out more about the project on the dedicated page on the Institute for Social Research website.