“See you at Porta San Marco”: the transition to urban regeneration

The participatory process in Livorno for the redevelopment of the area

“See you at Porta San Marco” (Ci vediamo a Porta San Marco) is a participatory process funded by Tuscany’s Regional Authority for the Guarantee and Promotion of Participation, designed and implemented in 2021 by Avventura Urbana on behalf of the Municipality of Livorno and in collaboration with Agave Teatro and the DIDA Lab of Critical Planning & Design of the University of Florence.

The participatory process involving the local community was aimed at creating the conditions to trigger an urban regeneration process in the area surrounding Porta San Marco, the point where the San Marco district meets the northern area of the Pontino district of Livorno.

In addition, in order to refocus the local community’s attention on the city space covered by the project and restore a sense of community among the neighbourhood’s inhabitants, the process saw the implementation of intersectoral and interdisciplinary practices that draw on the experience of participatory urban planning and the world of relational art.

Learn more about the “Ci vediamo a Porta San Marco” project on the official Region of Tuscany webpage.