I CARE: Inclusion, Prison, Architecture, Regeneration, Ecology

Freedom of urban and social regeneration

In 2023, Avventura Urbana designed and coordinated I CARE, a process of dialogue and discussion with the community inside and outside Mario Gozzini and Sollicciano prisons.

The process is funded by Tuscany’sRegional Authority for the Guarantee and Promotion of Participation , the Municipality of Florence and the Municipality of Scandicci. It is being promoted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence and by a strong partnership, including District 4 of the Municipality of Florence, the Prisons Ombudsman of the Municipality of Florence, the Prisons Ombudsman of the Region of Tuscany, the Department of Prison Administration – Tuscany-Umbria Regional Superintendency, Mario Gozzini Prison, Sollicciano Prison and the Michelucci Foundation.

The objective of the I CARE participatory process was to provide assistance, during the analytical and planning phases, in drafting a guidance plan for the land use transformations under the Municipality of Florence Operating Plan for the city’s western suburbs from the perspective of inclusion, regeneration and sustainability. In particular, the participatory process involved the implementation of a series of engagement actions aimed at:

  • highlighting the local and institutional problems and issues that the guidance plan will have to respond to;
  • identifying design proposals and themes in the various areas of intervention under the plan;
  • establishing a permanent think tank for implementation and monitoring.