Participatory safety: a new model from Lombardy to Piedmont

Construction site safety as a process and goal for operators and workers

Between 2011 and 2012, Avventura Urbana devised a participatory model to manage safety on the construction sites of the new Milan Porta Nuova Garibaldi stationand the new administrative and functional complex of the Region of Piedmont.

The aim was to implement innovative approaches developed through creative and technical discussions with workers on the construction site, and to adapt regulatory instruments, such as the Safety Plan, to the practical problems of setting up and carrying out the works.

The joint responsibility provided by the participatory safety process consisted of a series of actions and initiatives aimed at allowing reflection on risk perception and compliance with safety measures by construction site workers. This led to the creation of a shared engagement strategy, which resulted in co-designed models in which the workers became protagonists of their own safety.