Street for Kids: state-of-the-art redevelopment

A participatory process with schools for ABCare The city grows with you

In October 2023 Avventura Urbana dedicated itself to the coordination and support activities of the “Street for kids” event that the Municipality of Poggibonsi dedicated to schools as part of the PR FESR and PR FSE+ 2021-2027 “Garibaldi Avenue Redevelopment” intervention.

During the day, divided into two sessions, over 400 students attending the “V. Veneto” Primary School and the “F. C. Marmocchi” Secondary School of IC Poggibonsi 1 were involved.

The meeting was an opportunity to implement a process of re-appropriation and care of the avenue and its spaces by children and young people through outdoor educational-artistic workshops aimed at creating temporary urban art on asphalt characterized by geometric shapes and bright colors, in coherence with the graphic identity of “ABCura. La città cresce con te” (ABCare.The city grows with you), the entire process of participation for this important territorial strategy.