“A park inside and outside the city walls”: sustainability in the future of the historic centre

The participatory process as a tool in the Masterplan for Priamar fortress How can we redevelop and restore value to the historic districts, now and for the future? Through participatory processes involving local citizens and stakeholders, aimed at identifying the actions required for sustainable transformation. This was the case with the European project “Sustainable Historic City Districts”, managed by Avventura Urbana on behalf of IRE Liguria Spa in collaboration with the Municipality of Savona.

The process has led to the implementation of many projects and interventions in recent years, such as the preparation of a new masterplan (financed by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation) for the redevelopment and upgrading of the area around the Monumental Complex of Priamar. In this context, in 2023 Avventura Urbana was called upon to implement a new participatory process: A park inside and outside the city walls” (Un parco dentro e fuori le mura), which involved listening activities, co-planning days and training events aimed at defining and sharing the outlines of the new masterplan.

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