Four ALCOTRA projects for the environment

Between 2019 and 2022, Avventura Urbana helped to implement four projects in the European ALCOTRA programme for cross-border cooperation in the Alpine area between France and Italy.

In the first project, A.P.P.VER (Apprendere Per Produrre Verde, meaning Learn To Produce Green), it provided support for the organisation and co-planning of a series of seminar workshops in the area of the Metropolitan City of Turin. These events aimed to disseminate the model and tools developed around new learning on the green economy and sustainable development.

In 2022, Avventura Urbana coordinated public engagement activities and developed communication tools to support ALCOTRA cross-border projects known as “Mobilab” and “Cuore dinamico” (Dynamic heart), with the aim of spreading new forms of sustainable mobility in mountain areas.

Finally, also in 2022, on behalf of the Cima Foundation, Avventura Urbana oversaw management of the participatory process for the cross-border project PITEM RISK ACT, aimed at involving the entire community of the Union of the Municipalities of the Argentina-Armea Valleys in identifying the actions to be included in local Civil Protection Plans.

For more information on the seminars conducted in 2019, you can consult the official page on the website of the Region of Piedmont.