Avventura Urbana and Comin & Partners relaunch the partnership on conflict management

To Manage changes in the territories in a more incisive way

Avventura Urbana’s partnership with Comin&Partners is renewed after two and a half years with the right combination of mediation and communication techniques.

Today more than ever, corporate social responsibility requires an approach aimed at involving stakeholders. This especially concerns that part of the citizens that experiences the discomfort of the construction of large works and plants in their territory.” These are the words of Alberto Cena, President of Avventura Urbana, who adds: “This is why our experience in listening to the territories is combined with the great communication of Comin & Partners.”

The synergy between the two companies, which began in December 2020 with the first public debate in Italy, namely the one on the Genoa breakwater, has demonstrated over the course of two years how it can generate value and opportunities, and is capable of creating new shared solutions.

It is partnership focused on Conflict Management, a hybrid system of territorial mediation services, participatory processes, communications, media relations and public affairs, suitable for both public and private areas of intervention, aimed at creating opportunities for dialogue between stakeholders.

The Conflict Management solution proposed by Avventura Urbana with Comin & Partners immediately received important feedbacks in the field of conflict prevention and management.

For this reason, during the event of the 30th Anniversary of Avventura Urbana foundation, celebrated at the Le Roi Music Hall in Turin last May 30th, together with numerous guests from the institutional, business, finance, social policies and sustainability world, the two companies have decided to further relaunch their partnership, as stated by Gianluca Comin, President of Comin & Partners: “The alliance with Avventura Urbana with the offer of Conflict Management services is a precious asset for us in view of a very lively ambience in our sector. Increasingly, the right combination of strategic communications and mediation techniques are the right key to a correct dialogue with citizens and the advancement of fundamental works for this country”.

With a significant growth in the number of projects, from 8 in 2021 to 18 in 2022, and a specific field of interest in infrastructure, energy, environment and real estate, this partnership proves to be a winning solution for conflict and change management on the territories.

For more details, read the Avventura Urbana article on the start of the partnership or the Comin&Partners news on the relaunch of the collaboration.