Consensual process “Non rifiutarti di scegliere” (Do Not Refuse to Choose) launched by the Province of Turin

In 2000 the Province of Turin launched “Non rifiutarti di scegliere” (Do Not Refuse to Choose), a consensual process aimed at siting an incinerator and a landfill on its territory.

Within the consensual process, Avventura Urbana used the method of “structured discussion” for the first time in Italy. In order to mediate the potential conflict with local communities, all the actors interested in the results of the decision-making process were involved.

The discussion was realized by activating a technical/political commission, composed by the representatives of the communities, and through the implementation of the methodology named: “multi-criteria analysis”. After a year and a half of work, the committee completed its task producing a negotiated agreement on two rankings: one for the siting of the incinerator, and another for the siting of the landfill.