EuroPolis: a European deliberative polity-making project

Avventura Urbana contributed to the organization of large European events that included the greatest experts in the world on deliberative democracy.

Within the EuroPolis project, promoted by the European Commission in 2009, and realized on behalf of the University of Siena, Avventura Urbana organized a three-days long Deliberative Poll, which reunited 400 European citizens of the 27 Member States in Bruxelles. The topics discussed in the event concerned immigration, climate change and the decision-making process of the EU, one week before the European election. The results were presented to the election candidates to verify whether they were compatible with their government program, and, later, they became the object of numerous publications.

The Deliberative Poll was coordinated with Professor James Fishkin and Robert Luskin of the Center for Deliberative Democracy of the University of Stanford, who are the creators of the instruments and owners of the registered trademark, and who expressed great appreciation for the management of the event.