EuroPolis: the deliberative survey on immigration, climate and decision-making processes

A European deliberative polity-making project

EuroPolis, a deliberative polity-making project, was organised by the European Commission and coordinated in Italy by the University of Siena, in which Avventura Urbana participated in 2009 by creating a deliberative event.

Held in Brussels over three days, the event was attended by 400 European citizens from the 27 Member States, who participated in a dialogue on major social issues such as immigration, climate change and decision-making in the EU through deliberative polling.

The survey was coordinated together with Professors James Fishkin and Robert Luskin of the Center for Deliberative Democracy of Stanford University, who originated and trademarked the concept.

The results were subsequently featured in numerous publications, and were also presented to the candidates for European elections, with the aim of verifying their compatibility with their government programme.