Public debate: an Italian reality also signed by Avventura Urbana

How Avventura Urbana has contributed to the drafting of the law in Italy

The public debate was born in France in the 90s as a path of information and public discussion on the reasons and characteristics of a work of national interest. Thanks to it, the proponent interacts with local communities to bring out critical observations and new proposals on the project.

During the 2000s, Avventura Urbana took part in the first public debate experiments with the application of the tool in Italy. It subsequently contributed to the drafting of the bill that introduced these regulations into the Italian legal system. In 2016, in fact, the Italian Government made public debate mandatory for major works (art.22 of Decree n.50/2016) such as extended railway lines, main roads or important infrastructures for social, sporting and cultural use.

In April 2018, the Implementation Decree of the Public Debate was approved (Dpcm n.76/2018).