Avventura Urbana referees the match on the new stadium in Milan

The city’s two clubs offer local people a new place to enjoy sport and leisure activities

The Municipality of Milan held a public debate to discuss the technical and economic feasibility study for the city’s stadium presented by the AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano companies, choosing Avventura Urbana to handle planning and coordination.

The debate, coordinated by Andrea Pillon and co-coordinated by Francesca Fazio, took place between September and November 2022. It centred on the clubs’ proposal to build a new stadium, owned by both clubs, in the Parco dei Capitani area and in a multi-purpose area for leisure, sporting and commercial activities, while also helping to regenerate the surrounding area. The focus was on environmental and social sustainability and connecting the area with the neighbourhood and the city.

The Inter and Milan project involves the construction of a sports facility to the west of the Patroclo underpass, creating a multipurpose sector around the stadium sector which will include:

  • a public green space
  • a sports citadel
  • commercial activities.

The participatory process coordinated by Avventura Urbana was attended by over 3,000 people, and involved six public meetings, five specialist in-depth meetings, a participatory site visit, a planning meeting for the city’s youth and a neighbourhood workshop open to all.

For more information visit the public debate website for the Milan Stadium or read the coordinator’s final report.